Pope Play, a Christian Sect, is a carousal of cosy endeavours at every exit or entry point of life, but our convictions are abandoned and persecuted without reconciliation, even though we show no hostilities.

Unprecedented foolishness is sacred, pure and benevolent. 

Kneel to the fun zone and strike at the root of all evil.

Heaven: it’s loose up there. It has no rigid rules other than that you can’t slip in and out of it again. You are cradled by God for eternity no matter where you from on earth, if you refuse consultations with religious combatants.

In here there is labyrinthine of playfulness with support and assistance and immense glory from God because it does not offer a political solution or reaction.

It is not true that the Pope has no space whatsoever to play.

His figure is manageable for play, which is worth it in the end because it adds additional energy to religion.

The Pope’s spine is naughty as a retaliatory measure against people who are not religious.

Being religious there is not only a swarming vicinity of spectacles and mania, there is someone to play with.

Big volumes of idiocy are necessary for behaviour in space.

There is a lack of incoming substantial play in the world, and where it is discovered it is unthinkable.

Without a cult you are bathed in the uncleanliness of every man for himself.

Without a secluded sect there is every probability that you can have a bit of both to destroy you:  manual labour and global affairs. Magic, just like that, they both disappear, along with private conversation and definitive practical lives all mapped out .

It is a sneaky entrance into life, yet death is not groundless unless you refuse it if it has no playfulness of a faction progressively greater than life.

Playful religions gain momentum, it is not all just about a masquerade of sacrifice.

Without a religion, phases of your life diminish into the background.

The pope would love to see a continuation of play amongst people because it has incessant rebounding effects on the soul, which is not treated as an object in general.

What is the point of having a great position in the galaxy if there are no distinct patches of romance of yesteryear?  

Religion and language are only partially visible if you are not randy wholly, entirely.

Randy people are exempt from the previous theory of mechanics.

Clowning around, the volume of religiosity is not reduced. Strike a groove before being scattered, so life is difficult to focus on for practical uses.

Clowning around brings out the best in you, your mind is not just a loading platform of knowledge.

Heavan and hell are both the same thing, the only difference is that in hell there is not going to be a party. And nobody gets the blame for mixing things up. People in hell dance alone among cosmic rays similar to daylight on earth.

Sometimes you’d like to quit both heaven and hell, in an attempt to prove existence of life.

Whatever season you are in the body has crazy moisture.

Smash and shatter and play.

Sabotage the pretence of racial segregation and instead herald a romantic movement which cannot be betrayed. 

Pursue oblivion before it reveals itself as a folly.

There’s a wee bit more to life than regulation of harassment abundantly clear.

Pleasure is for renegades and other people pursuing replacement of life with a lot more to come.

Pray for the pope because he has never been allowed to boost his crown jewels sustained for a long period of time.

Remember the time when the Pope was snuggled as a child.

Unequalled solacement from God will be provocative unless there is progress, ascension from an assault of jealousy of bickering.

Christian religion is something to clamber through as a beckoning of anchored fun jutting out from a classic mould of bliss, not civil service.

The pope is obliged to prevent you from believing in horrible tragedy, even if it appeals to the feeling for others with long exposure to heavy artillery from scientific teams.

Those shackled by solitude become uncivilised bandits, even gentlemen who have been through a training unit which supports evidence of becoming trapped in education without an outer shell of intuition.

This is the prominent pinnacle of the Pope’s greater capacity for expressions of love and romance, either group.

Many people are overdue for a good bonk, carried out in the old pattern of life.

There is something for everyone, even though it is undeclared.

Ability to reason comes to a dead stop without Christian heritage.

With a cult the individual is restored to divisibility from normal jobs and other factors of much benefited piercing of the harsh features of convention.

Towage, haulage of this carousal is not direct-acting. It is a valuable delusion of unseen broad biological bondage banked up in the body.

Pope Play is all about cuddle repairs wherever and however.

Romantic teasing rules your life.

Sloped romance is a labyrinth, it even involves popes, completing the cycle of life.  

A stockade of loads of gibberish is an interminable solution to human reproduction.

Gibberish needs no equipment or supplies, that is the real advantage of it.

Even Popes need a wee bit of volumes of leisure, otherwise they would be stationary.

You’ve got to go out and play sometime with your clothes off until accidental release of modern times.

It is only a delivery of mania.  

There is minimum morbidity hovering around.

Love stimulates dizziness if the excitation is permitted as a prophecy.

But you would rather gamble with losers that never lose than usual people.  

With the urge to have sex you are trapped in the vicinity of another person’s body.

Everybody knows people flock down to have sex.

Working on other people’s clumsiness is not based on the concept of energy.

Without a cult assets and stats are a glitch where everybody gets in your way at a molecular level.

The peril of particular cases of humanity straight from everyday observations reduce the influx of a cult medium.

Operation needs are different for rejects because they are differentiated from normal society, and governments don’t contemplate this acquired social erosion.  

External relationships with other religions and cults are not manageable due to social erosion.

The only clock to go by is a 'tender timer'. It is twisted, neither clockwise or anticlockwise, nor proportional to external flux.

Spend some time wrapping up space behind you instead of in front.

Immediate and straightforward techniques are not executed speedily, just in time for a rescue expedition of the mind. Take as long as you need to.

Creating life at the right time is not urgent at this point in time sooner or later.

Jesus creates an incredible towering wonderful  supreme conquest of the world which nobody can revolt against because he is praiseworthy even if recognized from a distance. 

Without vastly increased collaboration with God heaven is temporarily lapsed as a distant speck.

Usage of the body is supposedly associated with the pursuit of impure promiscuous principles above the defensible level of body warnings.  

Pope Play is a pampering establishment counteracting the leaderships of the world which buffers lust pageants.

Personal examples of barriers to sexual freedom are found by the terrible shock of experimental observation.

Who seems to care about woman closing their genitals due to compliant and grief, let alone their full anatomy?

Casual or unreligious sex does not improve life, all it creates is an erect image fundamental to nihilism which grows and multiplies.

Juggle the churned truth because it is all out of place due to an enigma.

Common utilities have regular coordinates because they have particular states of atmospheres saturated with reachable ice.

The meteorological conclusions of the planet are lost, missed.

Even religion has sexual archives nobody can flee from unless they are christened on an ice shelf.  

Pope Play is an overflowing dispenser of chill.

Jesus is everybody’s protector and his potential increases to become a father figure of erotic imagery.

Nurse operations of insanity rather than scaling down powerful suspense.

Mechanical observations are not medicinal.

In here is to be found an abundance of suffered shocks of hugs.

The only difference between Pope Play and the Bible is that there is not any precaution against rudeness whatever approximate position you have on your body among other things.

This is better than playing with yourself in the natural origin of the body.

As an insulated cult outdoor amusements are sub-standard.

Do not open your mind to outdoor amusements of power and time picked from out the inconvenient sky.

Go outdoors with no particular designated region on your mind.

Don’t be groovy out in the open.

Action becomes activated in an assortment of assemblies not attended.

Gigantic mutual escapism occurs within a manifold of closed doors when it is ungraded by the largest possible number of people.

In the modern world there is selectable desolation from mortals because they have no emissions of infinity left open.

Obscene ornaments of the human body are matchless as they become apparent.

It is difficult to prefigure any portable, periodical or permanent place of popular outdoor pastimes because they are a production programme without a promised performance of prattling off back-stage.

Monstrous phenomenon do not have an effective formula, only collective dense darkness does.  

Joining a sect loneliness has no stature, probing the motives it is an inconsiderate pollutant to obliterate, no matter what inexhaustible avenue there is to go down.

Seal off experience from reality because its obligations are a personal vision, a curse.

Company does not promise release of enormous output of sociality for those that share a similar fate.

Every little bit helps for those offering inactive consent of the situation of warped fatalistic sexual refuge.

Both luxurious and laboursome forms of religion have clouds hanging from them which nobody can scuttle from easily.

The horror and loathing of atheism thieves life, launching great ironies for stricken robbers.

Opposing gnawing rhetoric will spoil success of vague feelings.

There is no verification of common busyness in this realm.

Lodging of nothingness is a place to shelter.

Nobody will tamper with our hiding place.

This religion is based on raunchy optimism.

Readdress degraded-looking anatomy with exposure to religious fervour.  

The bible is overridden with commandments, which is a forerunner to doom as far as playfulness goes.

Playfulness is an intimate drama practically throughout the world of entertainment which nobody is wholly responsible for.

Therefore the temple of translucent triumphal temporary strands of shortages or faults in cultures are unobservant of temperature.

Compromise has the tendency, inclination for becoming mundane.

The earth is an isolated figure too damned round to deliver your soul into.

Say goodbye to the size and shape of the earth.

A reproduction of light- sensitive material does not require a circular scale in this enterprise.

Stay away from your position point in the galaxy unless there is shrunken torque.

A reproduction of light-sensitive material does not require a circular scale in this enterprise.

Just get back to where you were in life before innocence became an open circuit.

Switch on carelessness of the earth’s rotation because there is potential that it may rise without a peak. 

You wouldn’t be cool if you yield reproduction of the scene of a round earth.

Some get through without sex and play instead with their companions which seems to have nothing in its favour due to this freeze.

A round world does not have inward components and positions.

In the meantime drift away from closely spaced  fundamental laws.

There must be an easier way to get to heaven, but only with adequate mania summoned by God.

Aesthetic chill will save the earth somewhere at the centre of restoration of the first considerable stimulus of the galaxy.

Religion removes fierce gusts of alienation and other berths of nihilism.

Crowded thoroughfare of modern life does not cleanse you, only religiosity does.  

All words coming out of your mouth are impurities.

This is a sect with valiant vivid coolness; even being warm is a cool crunch; really you are supposed to treat heat secondarily to coolness.

When sexuality is in the upper limit of a lull a heat reservoir will become a hanging mass finally exhausted.

You can’t just leave things sitting in heat without retaliatory measures to dismantle it.

Warmth is for external use only because it is largely developed only as sporadic.   

As a sect Pope Play is guarded and protected from renewed threats gathering momentum from those set forth to betray us, such as those who densify logic.

With scattered Christian fundamentalism you lose sight of ordinary things such as family afflictions.

Dreadfully convulsed lewdness can be finely controlled by religion.

Turn aside from reason and have piles of fun without the urge for survival because it is already completed by God rather than public enthusiasm.

God is already in people’s lives, you do not have to tamely challenge anyone to administer his presence.

People need sects because dwelling in self-employed behaviour is never victorious.

Long strides of playfulness catch up on demented visionaries halted by the chasm of instinct.

Christian people are unfathomable romanticists.

Nakedness is a surprising bereavement at the first attempt at being neatly dressed.

The immeasurable plunge into bedclothes is no sacrifice.

There is every chance clothing and equipment will vanish however long you may live.

Pope Play is built upon sleep whomsoever stays whatever happens.

The earth is a freakish blanket to get frisky under.

Stay under your sheets for just a little longer.

Funk has no precision, it could involve various parts of the body.

The groin has got more than one single thing in it which triumphs over life.

The groin is supplementary to nothing upon earth.

Without Christianity angel expansion of the body is all in limbo.

Sexual worship is fastened to the body, you don't need a pressman to know this.

Be physically checked over sumptuously, not penetrable by meagreness.   

Spies are closer than you think, they are essentially complete at banning pure romancers.

Orgasms are found in deserted places.

Even Christianity has mortal remains of sexuality.

It’s a bugger how religion doesn’t go far into inhospitable, unworkable thresholds of data processing of the naked body.

Lots of sex inbetween sermons is subliminal, not stimulating.

The completely untested recklessness of touching people has no modern representatives of human kindness unless you expose yourself.

Hoisted shades of consciousness is the common enemy because it does not extend your life as an obscure revelation.

Become unmissable and then you’re done for as an inspector of life.

Where extremes of life and death meet religion needs a drowsy and dormant loading platform, not domestic science.

Domestic science has no core, no dreams, no sensations.

Christ supplies higher support than a house wife.

Without widespread play you shudder and zig-zag nowhere, just like brilliant reasoning does.

Blotting out vague theories approaches fascism.

Delightful expeditions remain today narrowly escaping the most keen fascism.  

Life ceases, fascism goes on soon enough before you observe die.

Spiritual heritage is a comforter not only when we die but when somebody has heard that we are still alive politely creating a pandemonium.

See what else is happening rather than themes, topics of life.

Playfulness is luscious and masterly atmospheric aura personified.

Everybody that believes in Christ is an icon, no matter how twisted they are.

Faith healers need funny-looking surveillance out of reach of medicine.

Cataracts provide deep relief.

Refrain from calculated social liberty.

Without religion life develops fluttering harm.

Without God you are prone to the antics of a pain witch.

Witches are equipped with sinister phonetics and irretrievable liberation of highest glory.

Profuse lurking babble has a sedative effect unhindered by nothing except rascality.

Being a delinquent is not plain sailing. It is easier being a geriatric.

Religion is all about purification, not just done on a whim, fancy, because that would be unwarranted.

Blood is warm bleach.

Occultism is a big improvement on the nudity of shock treatment in all sectors of the body.

Yet to be discovered people with dignified figures have no onlookers.  

Access synagogues which require peculiar probing of the ungovernable avant-garde which has finally settled into being spiritually rich and anti-glamourous, seeking no conciliation with respectable looking people.

God is the big boss, everyone else are raiders of life.

The difference between heaven and hell is a humdrum antitheses difficult to break-away from for those that need information or training about Christ's scope of services.

Stay longer and you might go further than merely just restoring the world unduly.

Authoritively support religion and other astonishing acts, then the world will become an unessential item to shag.

The head is the wrong thing to have on your shoulders if you suffer panoramic political stresses.

Don’t listen, don’t look unless you are removed from the Earth.

Only speak to people face to face if it is a rant, otherwise you will burden others with no explanation.

Go nowhere and perish out of control.

All sorts of humans are invalids unless they join a sect to crystallize their church-controlled circumstances at daunting levels immeasurably.

Take away your vigilance before you are made to crawl one by one.

The brain is the most recent impairment because you can hardly recollect it.

Do not conceal religious gibberish because rationalism shows no mercy and will gradually disintegrate into zombification.

Being static and goofed, sterile, barren and remote will detain you longer in retardation demonstrable by means of a faint murmur of full-voiced logic.  

Wisdom and understanding indoctrinates your limbs as a mutual concession.

Eschewing practical common sense from the chase, hunt for survival is rude unless you have someone to play with in your surrounding region. Existence only is not recommended.

Pope Play has unrivalled cloudiness, it is a religious project as a hiding place. 

There are no lavish philosophical leaders here, nor people who are politically aware.

There’s nothing funnier than sins undergoing dramatization.

Without Pope Play religion is no longer a cavalcade, we all become manual workers.

Even meticulous work ethics have comebacks which consume you like rumours instigated by disgrace to your own advantage.

People in the modern world are hostages scrubbed up well. 

Having a visible, apparent, obvious, evident good presence is not the crux of the matter.

Being blocked from dealings with real life is not a disgust; it is an arresting variation of romantic failure. 

This is spirituality with invisible fastidiousness.

Pope Play combines art and religion without remorse.

Wakefulness is a false dream reinstated into day time and other reshufflings of time.

God is included in the species of humans without a problem.

Hide heaps, stacks, of your identity because it is all cumbersome.

Don’t commit yourself to personal experiences.

This is a religion for deranged morbid souls with an incoherent sense of intrusion of anything superficial and other vices.  

It is for a screaming launch of religion.

Even joy takes a toll on you, especially concerning those abrasively condemned to crude monotones of peace of mind which are not a deterrent of deliberate inertia. An influx of smacking will be gone forever.

Whatever happens to determine you corporeal existence is prohibited.  

Proceed cautiously in sections of human bodies because they may become a replica of caress.

Caress is the rescue expedition of sleepiness.

Punishing people is the single principle on the grounds of expediency to overcome exquisitely proportioned inertia.

Vision is not absorbent of contours, it has much larger potential than this.

Discuss what you see with inwardness otherwise it will be diluted by etiquette.

Should oppression set in you should do no such thing as rebel. Just become torn to pieces into pigments, whether you are black or white.

This is a vague hurling of rhetoric haunting people and their metabolic probabilities.

The enterprise is created for unwitting fornicators multiplying destructively and untimely.

You are not a dogged detainee of adult pleasures indicating signs of shrugged off torture closing in upon you.

The groin is not a secure dwelling unless you are a fearless clever gang of single gentlemen.

Say a little prayer for whatever is irrevocable.

With a cult security guards are finished for the day.

Traditional demands are a disposable portion of life and its chromosomes which strike at you without valour. 

Normal everyday life is not enough to create a shield from that of other forces such as proper combinations between people.

It is difficult not to have gibberish as a spill-over effect; it is not done intentionally, even though it may lead to a jury conference room where there are acquaintances rarely encountered because they are superfluous.

Religion without play is lamentable, it becomes hounded by the far-flung background and ability of behaviour trudging through magnetic fields.

Having opposing views to sects you must be primarily ferocious. There will be an uprising of violence squeezing out the independents.

Living under a sect is a cranky form of detention where nobody is to blame.

Supported here is a constant flow of theatrical performances leading off in all celestial directions.  

Even cheeky people stumble into religion.

Christ the saviour has omnipotent almighty funk; finding another person to substitute him is a miscued miscasting crime of humanity.

Stupidity has no skyline. It has a flirtatious nocturnal appearance the whole day through. 

Pinnacle sexuality is not an individual liberty.

Kisses don’t have a best before date, whoever you choose; take your pick.  

Wherever you go disinfect the mouth for commeth consumptive kisses.

Make preparations for absentminded raunchiness defensible due to irregular life forms that exist.

Contend with exalting gibberish not easy to withdraw from.

Without sects you have to persevere with the salvaged social development of daredevils.

Ludicrous spells and charms tease the body membranes so they don't have to toil.

God is present right back to the back of the universe where the orbit is not rotational.

Navigational interests of Earth are a blunder.

One of the great ironies of religion is that it is embodied with mystery as well as staunch pathos rather than straying into pompous clarity.

Drifting in delicate confusion is a death struggle with dramatic possibilities.

The final results of life abuse death.

No health clinic is directly implicated in this liberation struggle.

What good is religion if nobody else amongst us is cornered by a death struggle by some estimates?

The modern world already has an over-emphasis of psychological reaction to casualness and other controlled administrations.

God is a shrewd cherub because he avoids detection by atheist servicemen.  

Pope Play is an angel taskforce, there is no intimidation from politically minded people.

Troubles terrorize mass atheists nothing short of a streaks of spiritualistic stereotypes.

Pope Play is a spastic framework of ringleaders of religion.

It is compulsory to picture yourself with God to avoid violent confrontations such as laid back collectivization which may not even happen for dramatic purposes.  

In the midst of a relentless portrayal of life there are remnants of determined opponents.

Sacred satisfaction is not a stimulant unless you are without the incentive to restrain oneself.

Following incidences are indefinite for every population group.

Cultivating the clumsiness of bliss is a priority, not just something to think about or get bogged down by through nations and periods.

Religion is cool. Chill is a holy construction scraped from glaciers in close proximity to us.

Be nonchalant about adapting oneself to the situation of heat, do not examine it.

In here is great multitudes of answers to crooked prayers non-combustible.

Strict habits such as warm movements are abruptly intercepted by coolness. 

Cold-tolerant people actively spread to where masses meet and mix.

Traverse nerve settings so coolness becomes a vital force in the scene of struggles.

Coolness is recreational access to the departure of consumptive natural enemies.

With religion even dead-beat people are locked into a mystery without any monitor or internal combustion engine, they are in a heavenly world which has no human trends.

With religion nothing can be corrupt, even if there are clowns or other traitors of whereabouts they turn to.

Religious abodes are the biggest places to get to, relying on trust, not appropriateness.  

You cannot condense swarms of rhetoric by appropriateness even though it may seem convenient.

Standby for blessings teasingly in the wrong places, there are no public relations here.

Restrict automated fondling.

Accomplish ice-cold groping with plenty of people. 

There is no touch glitch here, there is a far greater range of contact with others.

Specifications of life are stuck in a groove of obligingness to suspect sinister sodomized streaks of the body.

It’s fun to experience different environments, it’s probably something you should do more often because it is not a sociological tracking of you.

There is a pussy entrance on display intricately thick, pink and juicy as one of the major sections of the body.

Nakedness is a dream garment, besides, moreover, even if there is not a trace of confounded beauty laid bare on the top of the world, expect delays.

You wouldn’t even know where to look if you are planning something, unless you find yourself in any religio-sexual picturesque locality.

Make judgements on life while you are unclothed without boasting about it.   

Messages are not physical in present obedience until climax. 

Unspecialized senses are considered essential to divert from the hard line of vertical thrusts.

A steep gradient of sexual prowling is hurled into the body.

If you are caught grooming people don’t call for the troops.

Masturbation is romantically linked to failure; what difference does that make? It is all pretension and it shows even if you are devious. 

Unilateral application of sex sometimes raises body temperature and other hand-thrown severe conditions unidentified.

Confide in unofficially revealed abuse while belonging to one another.

Culprits for creating harassment are not belligerents.

God installed creation as a provision which invades other authorities. 

Revolts have only one failure: self-rule which needs flogged off.

Pope Play is notorious for having navigation and orientation of signs of an aberration of conventions left intact but not put together by a standard atmosphere.

Unfortunately people review religions even though they have decorated life for thousands of years.

Training and quality of Christians doesn’t have to be redevised by control procedures because it is opposite of the ordinary in a sneaking sense.  

Territory is a wasteland unless you propose a tribute to a religion in long succession of displacement disbanded immediately.

Without a sect life is not absolutely right or altogether certain.

Despite fun schemes there is not a fraction of blasphemy.  

If there is any blasphemy it is a mystery spread over a region of space people dare to enter.

Accusations of blasphemy have harm, detriment unless they are screamingly funny explorations of the human body. 

Shew-whiff provocation is everything you’ve ever hoped for.

Religion is a better tool than a sin because you don’t need the strongest motivation to join it.

Don’t let the commute into righteousness become a scattered experiment widely accepted.

Do not approach crime in the world because it shows the way to short-sightedness.

Strengthen the hold your spirit has on you without ordinary usage.

There is not much of life left unless you are religious which defies dialogue and other apparatuses of learning.

Words are too awkward to guzzle consciousness.  

We are guided by the frozen portion of human voices which never receive an answer from structural versions of speech.

Focus on a kingdom rather than defining it, because it is difficult to scan, even with the highest good saved for death. 

The essential part of lingering in secularised faculties is not a beautiful formula, curtains need pulled on them.

Atheism is a kind way of ruining you, is it you that are susceptible to being trampled by it?   

Sects are the final collaboration with eminent real people who are in gradual decline.

Atheists are busy mopping-up cosmic curiosity. 

Atheists stay away from gorgeous purification.   

Dumb demons are a burden a wee bit because they are always looking to play with the junior army of youths.

Atheism is an immature command.

Non-believers are trampled by suspicion surrounding them which requires Christianized defiance.

This is introductory of a Nirvana after long periods of detention under atheistic rule.

Captivity and other such experiments on human life has its quirks.

Surrender to nostalgia which sadly has been confiscated by well-corrected modern life imposed on you.

This is a passionate spectacle veering from the back of beyond of conventional survival.

Grappling with an inversion of brainwashing the worse you will become.

Assumptions are not functioning as a premise of thought in the meantime.

Navigation of the mind does not prosper.

On Pope Play there is an awareness glitch.

Once becoming religious don’t recommence concentration of the mind; rely on missing, intangible, hidden protocols instead so nothing gets pillaged.

Overthrow new regulations and other civil blunders.

Watch your safety not to see how you are getting on.

On a computer Pope Play is a download sect of followers without them knowing; you know what that’s all about: getting settled into cult.

You’ve absolutely got to do it because life is too supervisory. All of a sudden you’ll stop functioning for yourself. This is selective paranoia.         

Defuse watchmen because they have optical properties without a bulwark.

Fragments of life are not a burden if you barricaded from them.

Being secretly wed with your ego will destroy you.  

Dedicating your ego as a target of strict education is a nuisance, freedom lies elsewhere to assure its functioning in finding who you are.   

Cults and sects provide a clean sweep over irritability when acclimatized to confined spaces.

Hide from enemies whose belief in God is not a prerequisite.

Have faithfulness in fun, everything else is a minor cataclysm.

It’s no good getting more life until you’ve used the courtesy it has already given you.

Religion can be deployed as a dispatched stellar occasion.

Nobody is credited where we started from because of our discontinuance of world-views.

Turn the corner and start thinking about different things other than allegiance to time and space and other gridlocks.

Defy the universal chase for material existence.

Regarding resources, do not gulp them down to govern, rule and control life unless you are the ruler of the galaxy.  

Greed would never survive under our uncivilized outfit of weight reductions.

Never again will life be worthwhile if it has corporate objectives completed on time.

Generalized starvation is not repulsive, it is a vessel of rebirth.

The spendthrift future changes course when you abide by a religious spectacle.

The earth has misused infrastructure, the is cause for diffusion of innovation and change nobody can tackle.

Cruelty is simple enough, it expands rapidly if you are self-indulgent.

Without religion the oesophagus is a farce, just as is peerage waiting to consume you with their hollow convictions refusing to budge by all means.

Long lasting care is not a form of nourishment.

Irregular get-togethers have a fixed amount of damages to the portrait of daytime not done outside.  

Live a life of mopey minimalism whenever something where .

Without sects life is anybody’s wherefore.

Cults are exemplary of common commitment of codes of conduct uncommunicative through mass rallies.

The vault of life is wholly carried away, there is no reason for an uprising.

Sects are peculiar, exchangeable by your worst enemy: the human senses.

Reach the stage where there is reanimation of all other senses and other geographical limitations.

Miss your target margin of geography by a long way as religion bursts forth.

Sects are the living image of vigour, but they are cordoned off by governments.

Without a sect you are shamefully uncovered for observers.

Just go out and see what precipitates sects on the internet. 

In modern schools even garments undergo digitalization.

Supply anything absurdly available entrenched in unseemly cult drills.

Rapid movement is such a crime.

Immobilized frequently continuously you can’t go further than that without people watching and hearing you.

Stand up squishy, not straight.

Submit to a slagging clot of movement.

Fight the enemy: newcomers of exotic boisterousness.  

The brevity of emotional relationships and the system they represent creates sects.

Sects help you take control of life, whatever you have got left of it, proportional to your occasional well-being unrivalled by time.

Unaddressed influence of the internet is increasing by some means or another needing pinging.

Sects are strange encampments you cannot depart from because they envelop you more than harmless pastimes which are corrupt.

Even freedom is strict unless you keep sombre silence which increases one’s knowledge nobody knows because it is too dispersed on a small-scale.

In here stops the ceaseless turn-over of the inequalities of free-standing atheism.

Spiritualism mediums do not require caution, they are in-born.

Recognise the restraint of the whole human race which betrays tradition judged by the people.

Sects are drifting crevices which remain undisturbed forever.

Many sects are only occasionally executed because they are not purest ways to navigate life, they involve bargaining, haggling.

This is not the time or the place to think ahead.

Expect delays on the surface of planet Earth which people have exploited.

This is a withdrawable departure from the human capacity to argue against oneself, that's what it all amounts to you and your belongings in Earth which are not high-profile.

Sojourning with strangers like you’re not supposed to requires resolute action as a foreboding backdrop rather than a deed.  

Put on a sloped show of a sect otherwise you will lean towards an upgraded Apocalypse in a layered lean.

Without a sect you are classified as everlasting imperfect humanity, where the responsibility falls on you.

Sleep needs remeasuring to live in unchartered areas before we are put into the custody of daytime.

Steering a course away from inflexibility you will be up against everybody; in such a case take a nap never coming to an end.